The Nine Bar

We love coffee just as much as we love bikes.

Located right inside Fitzgerald's Bicycles! Stop by to hang out at the bar, enjoy free WiFi and a warm, freshly brewed coffee!

We are proud to offer DOMA coffee, providing the finest certified organic and fair trade coffees. In addition to being absolutely delicious and fresh roasted.

The Freshest Beans

Doma provides fresh-roasted beans to us on a weekly basis. We only grind them once you order your is placed to ensure the boldest flavor.

Stay or Go

We welcome you to hang out, visit, talk bikes, adventures or anything really. 

Or if you must go, we can accommodate you with a paper cup a well, although kudos for bringing your own mug!

Our Drink Menu

We keep it simple: Regular ol' Coffee and Fancy Coffee. Big and small. That's it. No additional charges for extra shots, flavoring, etc.

We serve only organic milk, cream, sugar, and honey. Want a Soy Double Shot Vanilla Mocha? Sure. We've got you covered. 

Want a plain black dark roast coffee? We can do that too! And it'll be freshly ground, poured and served. 

We're not always fast. But we're always personable and here to serve!

Regular ol' Coffee

Pour Over




Fancy Coffee

Espresso + Steamed Milk:


Mexican Mocha

Chai Latte

Coffee Outside

Cycling is more than just riding a bike to us. 

It's about the experience. 

Enjoying the outdoor mountain air. 

And stopping to brew a hot cup of coffee.

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