Our Mission & Values

Our Mission:
Fitzgerald's exists to grow CYCLING, the success of our COMMUNITY, and respect for the PLANET.

We get stoked to maintain these 9 Core Values:

1. Speak and Walk with Honesty and Integrity.

We speak with truth and integrity and we live up to it by the direction our feet move in.  We offer solutions to our customers that are best for them, not just easiest for us.  When we blow it, we own it and work to correct the situation as quick as we can.  We speak up and let our co-workers know how we are feeling.  We are not shy about our beliefs and speak them freely.

2. Show Respect to those around you.

We have respect for all people and different degrees of cycling knowledge.  We think all forms of cycling are AWESOME!  We take time to sit up straight, listen and understand what someone is telling us. We upgraded from the Golden Rule to the Platinum Rule: Treat others not as you would like to be treated, but as they would like to be treated.  We value Feedback, feel it is a foundation of developing trust and respect, and actively work on giving it and receiving it.  We show our co-workers and customers appreciation often without being overboard.

3. Learn, Evolve, Grow, and Improve.

We take pride in a job well done.  Past achievements are great, but exceeding them is better.  We assume that we don't know it all, but are always trying to learn more.  Knowing how to find an answer is almost better than actually knowing it.  Almost.  We strive to be better next year, at everything that is important to us.

4. Tread Lightly on Mother Earth.

We reduce, reuse, and recycle whenever we can and strive to reduce our negative impacts on the planet.  We choose to ride a bike instead of driving a car to work, and running errands whenever possible.  We recognize our limitations and realize we are not perfect.  We try to inspire others to think this way.

5. Create Fun.

Why do it if it is not fun?  We create situations that make us and others laugh and smile everyday. Got a problem with that?  

6. Work smarter not just harder.

Everyone benefits from a well oiled machine.  We work smarter, not just harder; being a hard worker is not always the same as being an efficient worker.  But, we do appreciate hustle in the workplace!  We strive to operate as a team so no individual crew member is carrying too large of a load.  We keep our heads up and constantly look for chances to help the flow of the shop.

7. Give Back to the Community.

We love to give back to our community and we do it through Cycling related activities. Because, you know, we are a bike shop.  We feel that bike shops ought to be the glue that binds a community together.

8. Build Exceptional Experiences.

We deliver exceptional experiences to our customers and coworkers by exceeding expectations and keeping life from getting dull.  We look for ways to develop more exceptional experiences.

9. Seek Adventure.

Life is too short to not go out and dive into to the deep end from time to time.  We refresh our minds and energize our spirits through travel and adventure.

Fitzgerald’s exists to grow CYCLING.

Obviously, but it’s more than meets the eye. Years ago when we asked, “why does Fitzgerald’s exist?”, it forced us to take a hard look at why we do what we do. Although we thought it went without saying, we realized that we truly do what we do because we love bikes and want to see more of them in the world. Bikes are good for individuals, good for communities, and good for the planet. We make every decision based on our mission statement and this part of it comes first. If we fail to grow Cycling then the shop will not be as successful. If we’re not successful there is no way to grow Cycling, the Success of Our People or Respect for the Planet.

When it comes to supporting Non-Profits, community events and the like, we focus our attention on Cycling related programs. Sure we all want to find a cure for Cancer, heart disease, and animal homelessness, but the reality is, Fitzgerald’s exists to Grow Cycling. If you’re looking for a donation and your organization supports Cycling, stop by and give us your pitch. If you’re looking to help save habitat for the spotted, furry water moccasin we wish you the best of luck, but that’s all we can offer and we sincerely hope you understand.

Fitzgerald’s exists to grow the success of our Community.

We strive to grow the success of our local community by collectively working on creating thriving cycling environments for all abilities and ages.  Growing the outward success of our community begins with internally growing the success of our crew.

Without the great people who have chosen to part of our team, we’d be nothing. So, we try extremely hard to provide long lasting employment opportunities for our staff and have them feel fortunate to have it. How?  By providing a mission driven, values based organization where we ask our employees to be part of something more than your typical retail job. Working at Fitzgerald’s is being part of a Team.  In a nut shell, we want our employees to be Successful to work here and we’re more successful to have them!

Then there’s you. The better we are at our job, the better your cycling experience becomes and now you’re feeling successful too. So how can we be better at our job? By choosing to sell products that our customers want, that are of a high quality, and are priced fairly. But, we also want to treat each of our customers with respect and make them feel welcome at our shop. So, you benefit from more great cycling stuff, receive the highest level of customer service and feel even more fortunate that you have a great bike shop.

Feeling fortunate to be part of Fitzgerald’s? Then you’re one of our people!

Fitzgerald’s exists to grow respect for the PLANET.

This is a big one. All of us walking the earth these days are generally doing more harm than good to Ma Nature. What does this have to do with bikes? Well, our goal here is to help the situation. Sure, the fact is we probably won’t save the world here at Fitzgerald’s, but isn’t it worth a shot? All of our decisions keep in mind our commitment to sustainable and responsible business practices. We don’t buy the cheapest paper, we buy the post consumer recycled paper. We don’t buy the cheapest and most powerful cleaning agents, we buy the most environmentally friendly.  Maybe it will be contagious, who knows!