Local Mountain Bike Rides

Teton Pass Rides

Arrow Trail to the Phillips Ridge Trail

Complete Distance when ridden as a loop - 19 miles

Total Elevation Gain when ridden as a loop - 2018 feet

This route begins at the Ski Lake Parking Lot on Teton Pass. Other options include parking in Wilson and climbing the Old Pass Rd first, leaving a car in Wilson to shuttle back up to the start, or riding it as an out and back The Arrow Trail was named after 800 Boy Scouts Order of the Arrows who came to Teton County during the summer of 2008 and built this trail in almost one weeks time. The connecting Ridge Trail that leads to Fish Creek was put in over the next three years by many committed volunteers, the USFS, and Friend's of Pathways. These trails represent some of the very best cross country singletrack in the area and should not be passed up!


Complete Distance  - 5.87 miles

Total Elevation Gain  - 679 feet

Total Elevation Loss - 2769 feet

Lithium is THE classic Teton Freeride trail for EXPERT riders.  It began way back when as a pirate trail that became legitimized by the joint efforts of the Teton Freedom Riders and the USFS.  If you like to ride long travel bikes, do not miss this ride!  Start at the top of Teton Pass and pedal/push your way along a gradual climb for 30-40 minutes.  Once at the top of Lithium, armor up and get ready for a thrilling 2500' descent complete with gap jumps, drops, berms, and ladder rides.  Don't worry, all stunts have go-arounds for the timid.  The bottom part of the trail has some of the very best trail building East of Whistler!  Don't be surprised if you find yourself hiking back up for another run on Lower Lithium before coasting back to the Stagecoach for a cold one.

Parallel Trail

Complete Distance: 1.5 miles

This popular downhill only freeride trail is accessed from the Phillips Canyon Trailhead and leads to the base of the Old Pass Road.  Constructed and maintained by the Teton Freedom Riders, the Parallel Trail incorporates natural and man-made features and jumps. 

Jimmy's Mom

Complete Distance: 1.2 miles

Another classic Teton Freedom Riders' built and maintained downhill only freeride trail.  Tight turns, large freestyle features including jumps, banked turns along with other man-made and natural obstacles.  You can access this trail from the Phillips Canyon Trailhead.

Powerline Jumps

Complete Distance:  1 mile

A flowing line of large freestyle features including jumps, log rides, banked turns and other obstacles.  Get to the Powerline Jumps by connecting with Jimmy's Mom off of the Phillips Canyon Trailhead.

Fuzzy Bunny

Complete Distance 1.25 miles

Jumps, drops and flow from the top of Teton Pass connecting to Jimmy's Mom and Parallel Trails.   Classic Teton Freedom Rider's build!  Fuzzy Bunny begins at the parking lot that is just east of the top of Teton Pass.

Black Canyon Trail

Complete Distance when ridden as a loop - 9.5 miles

This at times moderately technical trail can be ridden as a loop from starting from Trailcreek Trailhead or as a shuttle from the top of Teton Pass.  From Trail Creek Trailhead head up the 3.5 miles of the Old Pass Road - which is a paved (albeit broken pavement), steep old highway.  Once at the top of Teton Pass, follow the trail south to ride two miles of scenic wildflower ridge to the Mt. Elly overlook.  Then the trail descends Black Canyon ending at Sawmill Meadow near the Trail Creek Trailhead.

Teton Valley Mountain Bike Rides

Horseshoe Canyon:  Bovine-Shark's Belly-Sodbuster-Channel Lock Loop

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Total Distance when ridden as a Loop:  6.2 miles

Elevation Gain: 960 feet

From the parking lot, climb the Bovine Bliss trail, cross the two track and merge onto Shark's Belly which both climbs and descends through the woods for a little over a mile.  At the end of Shark's Belly, you'll come to a five-way intersection. From here you can choose to add the Idaho Mine Loop on the ride (which will add another 1.5 miles and 300 feet of climbing) or go left onto Sodbuster. Sodbuster is a mix of descents, climbs and flats. There is one big grunt climb in the middle of this trail.  When you arrive at the two track, go right and climb to Channel Lock where you will descend a twisty singletrack to back to the road.

To get to the Horseshoe Canyon parking lot go exactly 10 miles from the light in Driggs.  Drive west on Bates Road and continue straight to the Big Holes when the road curves to the left.  The road will turn north and then turn west again.  Follow the signs to Horseshoe Canyon.  At 10 miles you'll see a two track on the right and then another on the left.  Park in the pullout on our left.  The trail starts on the north side of the road.

Horseshoe Canyon:  Southbound

Total Distance:  3.6 miles

Elevation Gain: 300 feet

This loop is also called the Grandview Loop and for good reason – the views from this trail are some of the best on the western slope of the Tetons.  From the Channel  Lock and Sodbuster junction head onto the trail.  From here you will curve and twist around the east side of the Big Holes until you reach the Sodbuster two track.  Don't forget to take in the views along the way!  Continue back to Channel Lock to descend back to your car, or loop up with Sodbuster or the rest of the Horseshoe Loops.

South Big Holes:  Red Creek

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Total Distance: 9.6 miles

Elevation Gain:  1600 feet

You'll find creek crossings, stout climbs, screaming singletrack descents and amazing wildflowers on this half day ride in the southern Big Holes.  To get to the trailhead head west on Hwy 31.  Go over Pine Creek Pass and go 2 switchbacks and 1 mile down the pass and make a hard right to the trailhead.  From the Spooky Trailhead climb about 1.3 miles to the Corral Creek trail.  Turn right (you'll see your return route on the left) and climb another 1.4 miles to the next trail intersection.  Take the left towards Red Creek Trail.  Once you get over the next short climb, you'll enjoy some of the best descending in Teton Valley.  At the bottom, turn a sharp left and get ready for a steep climb onto Red Creek Trail proper.  Here you'll have 2.6 miles of wildflowers and stream crossings.  At the T-intersection head left again onto the 4WD road.  Head onto the Corral Creek singletrack after about a half of mile and head up to the junction with the Spooky Trail for a fast descent back to the car.

Base of Teton Pass:  Rush Hour

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Complete Distance (Out and Back): 4 miles

Total Elevation Gain: 200 feet

Ridden as an out and back, this new singletrack trail was built during the summer of 2011.  Smooth and flowy, this trail begins at the Old Jackson Highway across from the Mike Harris Campground.   The trail has short climbs, tight switchbacks while paralleling above the highway until the state line.  When you get to the road, turn around and ride it again!

East Side of Teton Valley:  The Aspen Trail

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Complete Distance when ridden as a loop:  9.7 miles (or 8.6 miles as an out and back)

Total Elevation Gain:  1060 feet or (400 feet as an out and back)

This classic multi-use, singletrack trail of Teton Valley is one of the first trails to melt out in the spring.  The ride contours along the lower Teton foothills and offers great views of the valley.  From the northern trailhead ride up the two-track to the singletrack trail.  Climb for about half a mile up to the bench.  After this climb, you will weave in and out of the aspen trees, across a few streams and then down toward the southern trailhead.  Combined with the county road, this can be ridden as a loop.   The trail is somewhat rocky with a few technical sections.

There are two access points for the Aspen Trail.  For the north end head east on Ski Hill Road from Driggs.  At High Peaks Fitness (where Ski Hill Road turns left) go straight then take a right at the fork.  This will end at a gravel road. Turn left and follow the road until you reach Stateline Road.  Turn right and then a quick left to the Rapid Creek Road (unsigned).  Follow the brown signs that say "trail".  To access the southern end take 3000 South east from Hwy 33 until it ends.  At the end, turn right and follow the road for .9 miles to a pullout on the left (if you kept going you'd go into Darby Canyon).  There is a kiosk here.

Swan Valley:  South Fork of the Snake/Pine Creek  Bench Trail

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Complete Distance (Out and Back):  14 miles

Total Elevation Gain:  500 to 800 feet

The Pine Creek Bench Trail is actually in Swan Valley, but it is another great early season trail just over Pine Creek Pass from Teton Valley.   This multi-use trail winds its way on a bench high above the South Fork of the Snake River.  The trail has some moderately technical climbs and fun descents through sage brush meadows and aspen groves.  You will commonly see both dirt bikes and horse traffic on the trail.  There are some deep ruts and loose rocks throughout the length of the trail.  A common turn around point is the  Bear Gulch area because the trail gets very loose and much more technical beyond there.

To get to the Bench Trail take Hwy 31 over Pine Creek Pass towards Swan Valley.  Once you cross over the gorge of Pine Creek you'll see a big ranch on the right.  Turn right here onto Pine Creek Bench Road.  Follow it for almost 4 miles until it makes a 90 degree turn through the fields.  If you don't have a high clearance 4WD park here and ride along the road until you come to the trail otherwise you can drive remainder of the way to the trailhead.  

Munger Mountain Trails

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Total Distance:  Varies 3 - 10 miles

Elevation gain:  Varies

Munger Mountain multi-use trail system offers twisty singletrack, good climbs and fun descents on trails which have been recently redesigned to be more sustainable and more fun.   You'll ride through wild flower-filled open meadows with amazing views of the Tetons and Jackson Hole and beautiful aspen forests.   A favorite loop from the North Trailhead (just before you get to Red Top Meadows) is to climb a moderate 1.6 miles up Wally's World to the 4 way intersection.   Head straight to the Squaw Creek Trail for 1.6 miles, then taking a left onto the Tusky Ridge trail.  This will wind you back up the ridge for a little over 2 miles.  If you need a short bail out option, take Cosmic Carol's trail back to the trailhead.   Back at the 4 way intersection, head down the fast Poison Creek Trail for a little over 2 miles and out to the trailhead.

The Bridger Teton Forest Service has a great map of the area

Greater Snow King Area Trails

Snow King Area Trails can be split into a couple of areas:  Cache Creek Trailhead trails, Snow King/New Post Office Trails and Game & West Game Trails on the backside of Snow King.

Cache Creek Trailhead Trails

To get to the Cache Creek Trailhead head east on Broadway past the Town Square until you reach a 4 way stop at Redmond and the Hospital.  Turn right on Redmond and go until you climb up a short hill.  Turn left on Cache Creek Drive and follow this all the way past where it turns dirt to the parking lot.  From here you can access the Sidewalk, Hagen Trails, the Cache Creek Road as well as the other trails in this area.

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Distance: Varies depending on what you ride, 3 to 20 miles


This short trail above the Cache Creek Road makes for a great connector between the many trails of the Cache Creek Trailhead. The Sidewalk is an easy singletrack with a few rocks that is flowy and fast on the descent and an easy climb if you use it as your ascending trail into the trail system.


This flowy, twisty singletrack can be combined with the other trails of Cache Creek Trailhead to make a great loop. Like all the trails in the Cache Creek System, Putt-Putt can be ridden either direction. The trail is not particularly technical, but there are some short, steep climbs regardless of the direction of travel.  Putt-Putt is on the north side of the canyon and is above the Sidewalk.  You can access Putt-Putt either from the parking lot or at the top of the Sidewalk via the Wiggle.


Accessed by the Hagen Trail, Ferrins is a long aerobic climb up to the saddle just east of Snow King. From the top of Ferrins you can connect to the West Game trail and then to Game Creek Trail or to the Snow King summit.


A bit more technical than the rest of the Cache Creek trails, Hagen offers twisty singletrack on the shady side of Cache Creek. Hagen can be accessed over several bridges along the Cache Creek Road.

Snow King Trails

To access Snow King Trails you have a few options:

  • Go to Snow King Ski Hill by following Cache Drive south from the Town Square and climb the lung busting cat tracks about halfway up Snow King. 

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  • Go to the trailhead on Snow King Avenue across from Karns Meadow by following Snow King Avenue west from the ski hill past the Fairgrounds.  Look for the brown trailhead sign on the left across from the wetland.

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  • Go to the Bike Path Access near the New Post Office on Maple Way.  Heading west on Snow King Avenue past the Karns Meadown trailhead and past the Library, turn left at the major 4 way intersection and then take a right until you see the New Post Office.  Park here and access the bike path through the wooden arch.  Ride on the path until you cross the creek and then you will see the trailhead on the left.

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Sink or Swim

Sink or Swim contours through the trees along Snow King Mountain. This is a nice connector trail from west Jackson to Snow King and the Cache Creek trail system.   

KC & Linda's Trail

Another couple of short trails that connect the base of Snow King Mountain to the Sink or Swim trail, KC and Linda's both have flowy singletrack and short steep climbs.

Backside of Snow King Trails

West Game

Distance when ridden as a loop with Ferrins-West Game-Game Creek-Cache Creek: 15 miles

West Game offers the least mountain bike developed trail in the Cache-Game Trail system and the best views and wildflowers. Moderately technical, West Game generally descends from the saddle east of Snow King Mountain down to the Game Creek Trail. A nice loop up Ferrins, down West Game, up Game Creek and back down into the Cache Creek drainage for your choice of Putt-Putt, Hagen or the Sidewalk gives a long days ride without any pavement.

Game Creek Trail

Distance when ridden as a loop from Cache Creek Trailhead: 19 miles

Although not technically within the Cache Creek Trailhead, Game Creek Trail can be connected to the trails in Cache Creek by riding up Cache Creek Road about 4.5 miles. From there, cross the creek and head up the hill. Once you crest the hill get ready for a fast, twisty and fun singletrack down to the Game Creek Trailhead. The wildflowers in this drainage are incredible.  You can make this a loop back to town by following the road out of Game Creek to the bike path that follows Hwy 89 north back into town.