Why We Love the Fat Bike

Here in the Tetons, we love getting places on our own human power. To be an a ridge looking down into the valley or watching the sunset as we breath in fresh mountain air. Fat bikes give us the ability to go further and faster, whether it be an afterwork spin on the groomed valley trails or alpine snowmobile roads. There simply is nothing like floating on top of the snow, ripping groomed singletrack, winding through the trees, and not to mention cruising anywhere you'd like on crust!

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All this obsession drives us not only to put on the best events, seek out the best trails and fight for more trail access.

We commit to bring you the expertise and the products so that you can share our obsession.  We've scoured our catalog to bring you the best products for your fat bike.

Here at Fitzgerald's we have all the gear you need to get started!

Clothing, Shoes, Head & Handwear

45NRTH Dillinger (Studded)
$225.00 - $240.00
With 45NRTH's Dillinger studded fatbike tire, riding on ice and snow will n...
45NRTH Greazy
45NRTH's Greazy cycling cap offers great eye and ear coverage. This double-...


Portland Design Works Dave's Mud Shovel Fender - Front
The Dave's Mud Shovelâ„¢ front fender is designed specifically for fat bikes....

Custom Builds

Have us walk you through the process of selecting everything for a bare frame build up:  from wheels & tires to drivetrain and brakes to headsets and handlebars.  We can guide you through the right component selection for your riding style and your budget.  Whether you are a weight weenie or want your fat bike set up just so, we can get you out on the trails with a custom build.  Call us today at 208-787-2453 to get your ride started today!