Fat Bike Heaven

Yup, we're going to say it, stand by, but mostly we are going to ride it:  we live in FAT BIKE HEAVEN!  

With hundreds of miles of groomed trails accessible to snow bikes covering a variety of terrain, consistent and abundant snow, local races and fat bike events and breathtaking scenery, Teton Valley is the epicenter of Fat Bike Riding in the lower 48.  

And we want to share our little piece of heaven, so we've listed some of our favorite rides, local fat bike events and other information to get you on that bike with the ridiculously fat tires all in the hopes that you will share your ridicously fat smile with us.

Fat Bike Etiquette

Make sure you read the most current Fat Bike Etiquette before you head out.

Where to Ride

Contrary to popular misconceptions, you can not “braaaap” your way across an open snow field on a Fat Bike.  The critical component to a successful Fat Bike ride is a supportable base under your rubber (good tip for life in general).  So groomed Nordic trails, snowmobile groomed trails, snowmobile “singletrack”, and winter roads is the arena in which this sport takes place.  Around here there is no shortage of destinations.  Before you ride check out these Fat Bike Riding guidelines or IMBA's new guildelines.

Teton Valley Idaho:

The real goods are in Idaho.   Thanks to an extremely active State Parks and Rec grooming program, we have literally hundreds of miles of groomed trails to be explored.  Have you ridden your bike in the Horseshoe Canyon?  Well that’s a great place to begin your Winter ride too.  Head to the end of Horseshoe Canyon Rd and park where the plowing ends (be aware that snowmobile trailers need ample room to maneuver).  Ride out and back to Packsaddle Rd or climb high into the Big Holes for an all day adventure.  Trail head maps will show you the way.

On the East side of the Valley, look to the canyons for more adventure.  Teton Canyon is groomed thanks to Teton Valley Trails and Pathways and Darby Canyon is snowmobile packed and less frequently traveled.

Don’t forget Grand Targhee!  Thanks to Andy Williams at the ‘Ghee, they are the first resort in the Country to offer Fat Biking on their Nordic trails.  Check in with the Activity Center for your day pass and be sure to check the grooming report before you go to find out if conditions are favorable for bikes that day.

Grand Targhee Snow Bike Video 11-27-11 from Dave Byers on Vimeo.

Many of the groomed nordic tracks in Teton Valley are open to fat bikes.  Check out TVTAP's Nordic Brochure for more information on what they groom.

Of course, you haven’t really experienced Teton Valley until you have turned off the highway and explored our back roads.  When the snow builds up, the Valley Fat Biking is amazing.  Whether you are heading out for 5 miles or a Winter Century, there is no limit to the exploration.  Check in with the shop for a suggested route and current conditions.


Around Jackson you can keep yourself entertained with a handful of groomed trails.  The Cache Creek and Game Creek trails offer consistent grooming and easy in-town access.  Keep an eye on Putt-Putt and Hagen for doable Winter singletrack riding when the snow storms have been few and far between.  Hagen specifically can be awesome!

Grooming Schedule

Map of which Pathways are Plowed and which are Groomed

If you are looking for a more “back country” experience, take the beautiful drive to Togwotee Lodge on a sunny day and explore the Continental Divide Trails.  The CD-V-CD route is a great 25 mile loop or make it a big longer by substituting the K Trail instead of the V for a 35 mile option.  This is the home of the Togwotee Winter Classic Snowbike Race.

2011 Video: TWC Race #1 from Dave Byers on Vimeo.

Island Park, ID and West Yellowstone, MT

Have I used the term Mecca too much already?  Well ignore all the previous references because this is it!  The snowmobile trails book-ended by these two communities is EPIC!  Phenomenal day rides or multi-day adventures await.  Check in with the shop for more info on these areas and take a look at the map below:

Freemont County Grooming Map

For latest grooming report call 208-624-7266

Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks:

Don’t get me started…. Although both parks boast a desire to increase non-motorized Winter use, riding your bicycle on groomed park roads is currently illegal.  This bicycle ban is the result of misconceptions about the safety of other Winter users sharing the trail with cyclists.  Yes, that’s right, even in Yellowstone you can not ride your bicycle on the road where snow coaches, snowmobiles, skiers, and snow shoers are peacefully co-existing.  Stay tuned as we continue dialog with both parks about changing these unfortunate regulations.

Local & Not So Local Races & Events