Bicycle Fitting


Bicycle fittings are helpful for competitive cyclists, recreational cyclists and especially newcomers to the sport.

Bio-Dynamic fitting is the process where a cyclist’s personal history and current physical characteristics are closely evaluated by professionally trained fitters to create the best possible riding position for that individual.

At Fitzgerald’s Bicycles we look beyond each rider’s basic measurements that are the only guidelines for many “quick-fit” computer programs and “canned” fit methods.  Our professionally trained fitters take into consideration past injuries, current discomforts, lifestyle, athletic experiences, personal cycling goals, and cycling habits.  We then combine this information with the quantitative analysis of flexibility and physical characteristics to achieve a true Bio-Dynamic fit.

Although there are many speculations on proper fit, no techniques are employed at Fitzgerald’s that do not have concrete scientific data as a foundation for their use.

What to Bring

Cycling Shorts or tights

Close fitting jersey

Cycling Gloves

Your current shoes/pedals

Water Bottle

If you don’t have one or more of these items don’t worry, we can adapt!  Keep in mind that a fitting is the perfect time to shop for shoes, pedals, or anything else you might need.  A fitting is most accurate when you are wearing what you will be when riding.  Be prepared to ride at a moderate level.

The Process



The fit



Size Cycle Fitting – $225

Our professionally trained, certified fitters evaluate your personal history, current flexibility, cycling experience, and cycling goals to find your most efficient, comfortable, balanced, and powerful cycling position.  Average duration: 2-3 hours.

Existing Bike Fitting – $225

We apply all the same principles described in the Size Cycle Fitting with your current bike to put you in the best position possible within the limitations of your existing frame.  Average duration: 2-3 hours.

Aerobar Fitting – $50/hour

An effective aerobar position allows you to be aero, reasonably comfortable for the distance desired, and provide good power.  In setting up aerobars most athletes have ignored common sense and relied on myth and lore.  The effective use of aerobars requires keeping the principles of aerodynamics in mind, but only as they relate to other important aspects of bike set-up.  Average duration: 1 hour.

Saddle Adjustment – $15

Looking for the ideal saddle height and fore/aft adjustment?  We scientifically put your lower body in the perfect position to optimize power, comfort and efficiency.  Average duration: 20 minutes.

Stem Fitting – $50/hour

Does your bike fit great except for the stem?  We use the Salsa Size-o-Matic stem to analyze which length and angle will work best for you on your existing bike.  Average duration: 1/2 hour – 1 hour.

Cleat Alignment – $50/hour

All bike fitting take into consideration cleat placement on the rider’s shoe.  However, many cyclists can benefit further from an analysis of knee tracking patterns.  We use a laser level to evaluate the potential cause of knee pain, IT band pain, foot discomfort / numbness, and hip pain.  Average duration: 1/2 hour – 1 hour.

Saddle Pressure Mapping - $100